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At Andre Joyal Motoneige Inca good service starts with a warm welcoming and ends with a satisfied customer. Thats why our business was given five years in a row the price of 5 stars dealer by Kawasaki Canada.

This enterprise, that has been creating his name for 46 years now in the recreational industry has succeeded to accumulate an inventory unrivaled of new vehicules as much as used ones.  Our inventory can give you almost 300 new and used vehicules, 8 brands of new vehicules and the biggest parts inventory, clothes and accessories on the Quebec Market.

The Prices

To make sure you are entirely satisfied, Andre Joyal Motoneige Inc and all his team will always give you good prices for the new vehicules as much as for the used ones. Parts that are usually an obsessive amount will be radically discounted at our business.

A privilege card will also be send to you via mail after the purchase of a new vehicule at Andre Joyal Motoneige Inc. This privilege card will give you access to very interesting discounts. Please visit our accessories section to know our discounts better.


After 46 years, Andre Joyal Motoneige Inc and his team have acquired an unrivaled experience in the recreational mechanic.  This experience based on cases that we have lived ourselves will help you to avoid expensive and unnecessary mistakes. We will always give you advices on the less expensive options for the short and the long term.

A complete Service

We will give you a complete service to advise you well so that your favorite hobby doesnt become a nightmare. Andre Joyal Motoneige Inc Team will help you direct yourself in the buying of the vehicule, in the financement, the clothes,the parts, the accessories as much as in the reparation. All of this created in the unique goal to achieve your needs and reach a complete satisfaction.